Is sidney crosby dating someone

08-Jul-2017 06:30

The rivalry has been enhanced by the fact that the Penguins had recently fired their coach. Everyone, we go to dinner together and if I see Alexander Ovechkin or Pavel Datsyuk [of the Detroit Red Wings] or Nikolay Kulemin [of the New York Islanders], it’s all friends. But the pairing to watch is always Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin (the Capitals' captain), two Russian forwards who have been the focus of comparison—and the center of rumors of clashing—since they were drafted second and first, respectively, in 2004... We play national team, we spend time in Moscow sometimes. He has been the player that scouts expected him to be, and the ambassador that the NHL needed him to be.

At the same, the person asking the question is doing their job. "Not everything works out the way Crosby wants, but he seems to give considerable thought to what he says and does."At some point, how you act is just who you are," he said.

Both players have been instrumental in helping the NHL grow, but the success of the Penguins and of Team Canada has forced Crosby to do more of the heavy lifting as a spokesman."I feel like he is well thought-out and he has a good care level for the game and the fans," said Nashville Predators general manager David Poile.

No one at the NHL office has to worry about Crosby making a misstep on Twitter because to him, that form of social media is a one-way street.

Enter Evgeni Malkin, the assistant captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins. We play basketball one day, you know, I come to his house. It’s fun time, you know, we eat dinner with his family.

At a commanding 6-foot-3 (5 inches with skates) he boasts a face that is battered but handsome, with a grin that’s the opposite of toothless. I’m happy when he scores, maybe he happy when I’m scoring. He’s a really good guy..] Personality, I’m a quiet guy.

He travels down that road to find information, not to provide it."I'm pretty old-fashioned," Crosby told USA TODAY Sports. Because I do a lot of interviews, people might believe I want my opinion heard. This just comes with the territory."Crosby has patience with the puck on the ice — and with his off-ice obligations.